Young Learners

Our young learners courses are designed to help students from age 6 to 13 learn the target language naturally and develop 21st century skills set in order to ensure every learner reaches their full potential. Our courses aim to create fun and stimulating learning environments for young learners, where they can acquire the language though interaction with peers and exposure to the language. One of our core objectives is to encourage learners to embrace challenges and develop growth mindsets though language learning, which we believe, is a great asset to their learning and life.

We use a course book series named “Fun” andĀ  “Power Up”, which are courses by Cambridge University Press. It provides the perfect start to life’s great adventure, creating ‘future ready’ learners who embrace life with confidence. Meet vibrant characters who students will love; foster collaboration through real-world missions; deepen learners social and cognitive skills; explore embedded exam preparation; and expand the skill-set ensuring everyone reaches their full potential.


Key FeaturesĀ 

  • Missions, multi-stage projects set in real-life contexts that run from start to end of every unit develop collaboration skills and enable learners to visualize their progress.
  • Exam preparation and practice are naturally embedded in every unit to familiarize learners with activity structures, tasks types and strategies to complete exams successfully.
  • Literature pages develop social and emotional competencies following the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework.
  • Animations, documentaries and audio recordings enhance language presentation and practice, and cross-curricular lessons.
  • The course that grows with students and provides a bridge to Secondary with a more teenage-focused design, topics and learning strategies.