EVEREST Academy was founded in 2010 with an aim to help youth and students in Myanmar become competent and confident communicators, autonomous learners, and globally engaged citizens through English language proficiency courses.

We deliver general English courses at 6 different levels, primarily focusing on training students to be able to apply the English Language effectively in real life situations.

The Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach is applied to help students acquire the language naturally and effectively, and course designs are based on the philosophy that students learn a language best when they use the language in real and meaningful communication.

Enhancing students’ critical thinking, essential skill for students to succeed in the Twenty-first Century, is one of our main objectives, and activities for helping students develop their analytical and critical thinking skills are systematically integrated in the course designs.

Everest Academy also provides study abroad counseling services and information about scholarships and university admission for students in Myanmar. Our services comprise in-person counseling service for students interested in studying abroad and navigate the complex world of college admissions.
We assist students with college and university application, meeting language proficiency requirements, and provide relevant information for students in order to help them make informed decisions about choosing majors and being admitted to the right college or university.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading educational institutions in Myanmar, which is recognized for student success, unparalleled service, innovative curriculum design, and quality education

Mission Statements
  • to help students achieve personal and professional goals through quality education programs
  • to create a friendly and inspiring learning community in order to promote learner autonomy, and the four Cs; collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity
  • to equip students with essential academic and language skills, confidence, and global awareness required to become competent, active, and globally engaged citizens of the 21st century